Konnerud kirke

konnerud kirke

is more commonly used in baptism and weddings because of the higher amount on seats to the attendants. Church, in 1737, Konnerud got a church and a graveyard of their own because of the extensive amount of people who moved to Konnerud because of the mining possibilites. Og skuespillertalent fra bde skolekorps, egne rekker og medlemmers barn skal det skrytes ekstra. Due to the intensely fitness center oslo growing number of children on Konnerud, the school has had buildings attached to it in 1954, 1981, 1996 and finally in 1997. Snart er det klart for julekonserter med Drammen International Gospel Choir og Cecilie Schilling.

Remains of the foundation can still be seen clearly, however. The oldest church on Konnerud, Konnerud Gamle Kirke, was originall built in 1760, but quickly detoriated because of the lack of care. Today, only two buildings remain of the hotel, the building containing toilets, and the washery. A tradition in most schools is also present at Konnerud skole, which is a painted picture of every principal that has ever been at the school.

Mining holes are still found all over Konnerud, however tightly guarded by high fences. Gjestesolist: Cecilie Schilling, Pianist: Stian Tveit, Bassist: Espen Hauge, Trommis: Anders Viken, Gitarist: Hvard Caspersen, Saxofonist: Joseph Angyal. Musikalsk leder for digc er Sven Jran Michelsen. Nature and sports, known for its snowy winters, Konnerud is used as a recreational area for the people living in Drammen who loves skiing in the well preparated tracks leeding deep into the forests. The first teacher came one year later, and the first principal was Lars e school originally had a house meant for the principal, but the idea was cast away after the second world war when the house was used by nazi commanders. Konnerud can roughly be translated to "Squirrel hill" (ikornrud which may come from the fact that Konnerud has an extensive amount of squirrels and wildlife in general. Its two most important happenings was when the then king of Norway, King Haakon VII stayed there, and when it burned down to the ground in the 1940's. The minerals had to be transported to Svelvik, and the expenses was soon more than the income due to the massive transportation. Et vellykket arrangement der vi spilte kjente Kaptein Sabeltann melodier p en fullsatt Union Scene. Her var det utkledninger bde p store.

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konnerud kirke