Ski doo blair morgan

ski doo blair morgan

Then later that day I saw Chris on the on track, where he was just launching off jumps, totally landing into faces of other jumps, lap after lap. Im sure that once its all said and done that the whole situation will sink in a bit more and Ill have an even greater sense of what it means. I think career-wise that I timed it all good, being on Cat in the years when they were the best and then moving to Ski-Doo in 2002 when they became the best. Morgan: Making a living doing something I loved. It is the first race of the year and everyone is itching to get out there and show what they got, the manufacturers improvements and what their sleds will be like. I havent done that for a very long time either.

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ski doo blair morgan

SnoCross Icon Blair Morgan Back At The Track by Scott.
Sumner It was a real hono ur to sit down with Blair Morgan in a Ski Doo race trailer at the 2015 Amsoil.
Snocross Legend Blair Morgan Enjoys Coaching by Scott.

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I have a side by side and still ride sleds in the wintertime. Arctic Cat has a special place in my heart in part because it was my first brand so to speak, but also becauseI always liked Cat growing up, even though we lived in Ski-Doo country where everybody called the sport ski-dooing. 21, 2008, that Blair had broken his back while practicing at the Montreal supercross race and was paralyzed. Does this mean youre officially back in competition? AI: What snowmobiles do you currently own? This has been my reality for a long time. Finally, in 2006, Morgan returned to form with Blackfoot Honda and scored multiple podiums to finish the year 3rd overall behind. Now I might be coming to all of these races. So we put a cage.