Bakgrden hamar

bakgrden hamar

by immigration category, country background and percentages of the population". In 1850, a new election was held for the town board. 1941) Kirsten Flagstad, opera singer (18951962) Hulda Garborg, writer (18621934) kate moss supreme shirt Rolf Jacobsen, Poet (19071994) Olaf Johannessen, shooter (18901977) ivind Bergh, Norwegian violinist and orchestral leader (1909-1987) Erik Kristiansen, former ice hockey player (b. Already in 1993 it hosted the Bandy World Championship.

Three coins found in Ringerike in 1895 have been dated to the time of Harald Hardrde and are inscribed Olafr a Hamri. The board quickly decided to award licenses to both applicants and set the upper limit to 12,000 "pots" of liquor, an amount that was for all intents and purposes limitless. 5 The Diocese of Hamar was established in 1864, and the Hamar Cathedral was consecrated in 1866 and remains a central point in the city. The first order of business was the allocation of liquor licenses and the upper limit of alcohol that could be sold within the town limits. Another commission was named in June 1825, consisting of Herman Wedel-Jarlsberg, professor Lundh, and other prominent Norwegians. 1982) Ole Edvard Antonsen, trumpet player (b. 1958) Katti Anker Mller, civil rights activist (18681945) Vegard Skogheim, former professional footballer (b. A b c Pedersen, Ragnar (1990). For the Somali city, see. By the time a particularly cold and snow-filled winter set in, there was mostly relief about getting some stability. His plans were detailed, calling for streets 20 meters broad, rectangular blocks with 12 buildings in each, 2 meters separating each of them. Highways in and out of the city also caused considerable debate, especially when it came to financing their construction.