Narvik krig

narvik krig

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narvik krig

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The planners hoped that the operation would not provoke the Norwegians to resist the Allies with armed force. The only member of the cabinet with in-depth knowledge of the mobilization system, defence minister Birger Ljungberg, failed to explain the procedure to his colleagues. Ground campaign edit When the nature of the German invasion became apparent to the British military, it began to make preparations for a counter-attack. Some 2,000 soldiers marched into captivity in the Setesdal capitulation. 16 Ruge replaced the 65-year-old General Kristian Laake as Commanding General, the latter having been heavily criticized for what was considered to be passive behaviour during the initial hours of the invasion. 16 In Norway, the plan called for the capture of six primary targets by amphibious landings: Oslo, Kristiansand, Egersund, Bergen, honningsvag alta bus Trondheim and Narvik. The poor communication between the Norwegian armed forces and the civilian authorities caused much confusion in the early days of the German invasion. The captured Vrnes Air Station near Trondheim was rapidly expanded and improved to provide the Luftwaffe with a base from which to support the Narvik sector. The cruiser Lützow, also damaged in the attack and believing Blücher had entered a minefield, withdrew with Gruppe 5, 19 km (12 mi) south to Sonsbukten where she unloaded her troops.

narvik krig

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