Autocenteret narvik

autocenteret narvik

linken. "Order of Battle, Second Battle of Narvik, ". 56 a b new ham license Narvik Naval Battle - A BBC article Brown 2000: : 18 a b Derry 2004: 27 a b Jaklin 2006: 31 Kristiansen 2006: 35 a b c Hauge 1995: 184 Brennecke 2003: : 95 Rune Bang.

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This was the first U-boat to be sunk by an aircraft during the Second World War and the only instance where an aircraft launched from a battleship sank a U-boat. Kattegat had been stopped by the Norwegian fishery protection ship HNoMS Nordkapp, the Norwegian ship first trying to take the tanker as a prize, but due to the large German crew could not control musikkbarnehage trondheim it all the way to Bod, in the end sinking Kattegat. N skal vi slss, gutter!" Man the guns. Diether von Roeder remained in Ofotfjord in order to ensure German control of the sea. 23 A second tanker, the 6,031 GRT Kattegat which had sailed to Norway from Wilhelmshaven, had been sunk in the Glomfjord in the evening of 9 April. Nye Kia Sportage lansert i dag. 175 Norwegian sailors died in the freezing water, including Captain Willoch, with just eight surviving. Land battle edit During the Norwegian Campaign, Narvik and its surrounding area saw significant fighting, initially from 9 April between German and Norwegian forces, subsequently between Allied and German forces, conducted by the Norwegian 6th Division of the Norwegian Army as well as. Glorious left a larger convoy to proceed independently.