Top 10 things to see in oslo

top 10 things to see in oslo

one peek into this dim basement space and the intrigue begins, only to grow when you discover the menu. Most of the signs were in Norweigan, which didnt help. The Kon-Tiki museum hosts both the Kon-Tiki and the Ra, two ships used by explorer. The whole thing is quite beautiful and peaceful, and makes you wonder if the Vikings really were violent pillagers, or if they just had bad.

Plus my hubby, for scale. You know, in case you dont want to be run over. The museum features a ton of Munchs work, including the newly recovered The Scream and Madonna which were stolen in 2004 (on a semi-unrelated note, I had prints of both of these on my wall in high school. So lets just focus on some of the things you can do around Norway, some of them free, and some of them made much more affordable (or even free) by the use of your totally legitimate and not-at-all-forged Oslo Pass. The Kon-Tiki (I freaked out less here, because I had thought that the Ra was the Kon-Tiki and had already exhausted my energy reserves). Of course, all of this is for demonstrative purposes, only.

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