Swix ski tuning

swix ski tuning

stones is you can mix structures front to back or along the entire length. Name *Email *Review Subject *Comments 22 Reviews, hide Reviews Show Reviews 5, ski Visions base flattener, works as advertised, go easy with. The base flattener tool is easy to use and does a great job. I thoroughly de-waxed my skis before use and so had no problem with clogging. I had to print out a picture online showing how to put in the ruby stone correctly. Really helps with all kinds of stuff including core shot repairs, base flattening, getting base material out of the way for edge sharpening, etc. Was also surprised at how shallow major scratches from pavement hits late last season were, they came out easily, a good thing!

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The hex bolts holding the stone in are a bit of a bother. This tool really opens up bases, a few layers of base wax were needed to get good adherence from top coats. First shot with the stone made me slightly concerned as the base looked like a ploughed field. I have been tuning my own skis for years and never had a way to remove excess p-tex. Tightening is no problem. I have just ordered a second tool to avoid swapping the steel stone so often and speed up my workflow. Excellent, easy to use and put great structure in the base with the stone. This is a super tool to have, easy to use and lets you know first hand what your bases are like. The depth and interval is comparable to factory structure, suitable for "normal" conditions.