Halloween oslo 2017

halloween oslo 2017

see more photos from the show. Irene Thierry is not only the director, but also human resource manager in the word's foremost importance. In this way he gets an engaged audience even before the performance starts. This year with the juggler Alan Sulc from Czech Republic. And now it's their turn. Benny will perform his thrilling plate-juggling routine, which first impressed audiences back in 1967. The audience also Duo Hands to Violin. 3 minutes long clip with Kenny Quinn.

halloween oslo 2017

Halloween is just around the corner! Jr Gong gives parenting advice on 40th birthday; latest news about Vybz Kartel; alaine is walking the straight and narrow.

And it is a knock-out to the destructive animal rights activists who want to destroy the circus with their non-objective criticism. Write to and tell which day you want tickets for. Today there were only a limited number of people along the fence as you can see at the photo. That's why the stories about bergen card Circus Trapez hurts all of us" said the associations chairman Martin Arli recently in a press release. Diana Rhodin is an accomplished horsetrainer and toured Denmark with Circus Dannebrog in 2000 and Circus Benneweis in 2002. Diana showed the spectators that dachshunds can be taught to perform.

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