Genius ski mask

genius ski mask

down his summer hit. I fresh fitness lillehammer feel like the world likes ignorant shit for no reason. It was on the playlist and millions just kept building up, and it just went up from there. Intro, police are hunting for two suspects in a violent home invasion. The hook has a lot of lyrics in it cause I also rap fast. My creative process is beating myself updrugs maybe or maybe not, and then hooks to a song should be easily sung by somebody else so I dont want to sing a hook thats going to be hard for somebody else, he tells Genius. You gonna open that Mutha Fuckin safe right now. You cant escape me, if i want what you got.

Why is a bust? Until my chains possessed today (water!). Look at the wrist, ew, fuck what it cost, you? Verse 1, i got no plans for gettin loot legal. Big jewels we might come to visit you. Chorus: Ski Mask The Slump God Ronny J, it's a throwaway, throwaway, throwaway, throwaway. What does it look? Intro, yo they love Kashaka, uh-Throwaway, i need a grown man diaper. I just wrote on the beat. Nice furs we might come to visit you. The ski mask way, verse 2, okay you know what the fuck this is pay attention everybody move against that wall get down on your knees lock your fingers behind your. Im doin skilyper hamar my job, this is just what.

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