Daniel domscheit berg

daniel domscheit berg

rights practitioners in Latin America, where institutions are very weak and offer little protection to human rights defenders. . Retrieved 13 December 2010. Totally agree on that, Bill.

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1 Archived 28 November 2012 at WebCite Hosenball, Mark. Is it legitimate to free ride on the trust of people like me have in WikiLeaks? And his behaviour by now, and your letter has sadly confirmed my views. A b Gosztola, Kevin. I sent him contact details of human rights workers I thought would be able to support Manning, which he said he forwarded on to someone else. Useful details for someone willing to divert the attentionfrom all the important information disclosed by WikiLeaks sources. Brown, Craig (12 February 2011). Domscheit-Berg watched and replied, laughing fondly, that the way I was playing with the cat rafens tnsberg was exactly the same way.